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Industrial Rock Company “Renaissan-Construct LTD”

Welcome you to our corporate site!

Please introduce yourself to the following material, and to the product that we offer on the European, Asian, Australian market.

For ten years, our company has become well known for our professionalism in the mining and processing of natural stone - LIMESTONE.

We are not only known as the company, “Renaissan-Construct LTD”.

A large array of companies and organizations that sell and use natural stone as their building material are currently buying our high grade processed limestone, when working with their individual clients. As a result of our collaboration, our partners and clients always remain happy with the quality of our materials, the delivery punctuality, and the reasonable prices.

Total quality control, the use of modern technologies, and a great geographic location allow us to mine the highest quality natural material and produce a high grade product. We have partner companies in Japan, Thailand and European Union . We are always looking for new technologies for use in mining, and we are expanding our company to include more international partners.

Our priority goal is: the growth of a waste-free, quality and uninterrupted working industry. We are now accepting new partners, who will help make our industry a force on the global market. All of your questions and offers of collaboration please send to our email:

We will make our partnership a profitable one!


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